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Get Point PRO

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Get Point PRO is an application without banners for professionals and amateurs who need to record coordinates in an aggregated manner and then study the results on Google Earth.Get Point PRO also lets you record an entire route by foot or by car to also evaluate the result in Google's desktop application.
Users can create their own database. It works with forms and questions made by the user. After creating forms you can assign that to points or pictures and answer the questions. The answers will be available in e-mails or KMZ files. You can also export to CSV file to open using Excel.
Ideal for professionals such as surveyors and geographers while a field work, but can also be used for fun, to mark their places of travels or visits.
This is a work in progress and was developed in order to learn the Android platform and also bring the public a quality tool. Any suggestion is welcome. Please send comments by e-mail.
Features:- Groups of coordinates. A group can be a trip, a specific job, etc.;- Marking of points within a group of coordinated, allowing to name the point;- Record a route, letting you set the interval between recordings of the points, also allowing to name the route recorded;- Sending points (KML file and Google Maps link) or route records (KML file) by e-mail;- Quickly view a recorded point or route on Maps without having to export to the desktop;- Export all records in the group to a KML file to later be viewed on Google Earth;- You can export/import your database avoiding losing your information if you upgrade or replace your device;- Mark positions with a geotagged pictures;- Export pictures to KMZ files;- Send e-mails with pictures;- And more.